Mediation Minutes are brief videos discussing key topics for your success in negotiations.
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‚ÄčThe ABCs of Negotiation



V is for Value

Negotiating without understanding the value of what you have or of what they want is like driving with no brakes – just as dangerous and likely to end up just as bad. Check out this Mediation Minute video to learn how to avoid this common and frustrating mistake.



W is for Why Not?

Sometimes the best approach in a negotiation is the direct one. I recommend asking the other side, ‘Why not accept my latest offer?’ Check out this Mediation Minute to learn how to get the answer to help you understand what they need to make a deal happen.



X is for the X-Factor of Emotions

Handling the emotions of two parties during a negotiation is already challenging, but it becomes even more complicated when multiple parties are involved. The number of emotions to manage increases significantly, and even individuals on the same side may disagree. To prevent it all from boiling over, check out this Mediation Minute for insights on managing this stew of emotions.



Y is for Yes!

I’m glad I saved this until the end because I’m going to need your trust on this one. I’m explaining why you should say Yes more in your negotiations for this Mediation Minute. Sure, you shouldn’t agree to silly terms that are bad for you, but learn how and when to say yes more, and you’ll be in better control and not feel so burnt out at the end of your negotiations.



Z is for a Zarf (a what?)

What is a Zarf, and why do you care for your negotiations? Check out this Mediation Minute, and I’ll explain everything to you – including a fancy new word for something you probably know you should be doing but may not be thinking about – enough.