My philosophy of helping people resolve their disputes can be summed easily: I want to free you up to focus your energy on where you can add the most value.

For some people, this might mean spending years locked in back-and-forth litigation – for you, I’m not your guy. For most people, however, that is not only a drain on time and emotions, but also a waste of a client’s, and often a lawyer’s, talents. I believe it is best for each of us to focus on where we can add value and that means resolving the disputes that aren’t allowing you to add value and moving on from that which prevents you from adding value.

Oh, great, another mediator!

What makes you so unique?

First, with respect to my services, what makes me unique is that I’m a mediator with actual business experience and who has litigated cases as an attorney. I’ve had P&L responsibility for a division of a public company and had to make tough arguments in the courtroom. This means that I know what a business client’s needs are and can help you resolve your litigation more quickly by identifying, understanding, and getting to and resolving practical issues. Besides, that’s the part I enjoy!

As for results, that practical experience has been key to creating an atmosphere that engenders creative ideas for parties to get out when they are seemingly stuck in the back-and-forth of legal procedures. Sometimes, it’s selling an asset by pitching it in a way others hadn’t considered. Other times, it’s about giving one side an idea that allows them to leave with a new business opportunity rather than more fighting. Numerous former clients will attest to my helping them avoid costly and potentially embarrassing trials. That’s part of why I have so many repeat clients.

As for service, I’m solo because it means I can deliver a client-focused service, meaning no extra fees or packing my schedule. You know what you’re going to pay, and you know I’m going to get to work on your problems now.

I’m looking to help people close the deal and I want your business if you are, too!

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