I am a mediator who leverages my experiences as an attorney and a Fortune 500 executive to help you resolve your disputes – saving you litigation costs without hammering you to ‘give in.’

My approach is unique as it brings an understanding from experience that few have: I’ve been the client, making sure I get what is due and protecting my business; I’ve been the attorney defending or pressing a client’s case; and, now I’m the mediator, seeking an opportunity to help you find value with creative solutions that can only come with an understanding from having been in your shoes.

Mediation is a powerful tool for resolving disputes, but it’s not just about reaching a settlement. As a mediator, my approach focuses on helping clients leave the mediation process feeling satisfied with the choices they made, rather than simply settling for the sake of settling.

The key to this approach is empowering clients to make their own decisions. Rather than imposing my views of what ‘should’ happen, I work with clients to help them identify their underlying interests and needs to explore a range of options.

This can be a challenging process, especially in situations where emotions are high and positions are entrenched. It requires experience and the right touch.

But the results are well worth it. When clients feel that they have been heard and understood and the solution comes from them, they are much more likely to leave the process feeling satisfied with the outcome, saving you and your client more in the long-run.

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