Mediation Playbook


Have you wanted to become a better negotiator– but didn’t know where to start? Mediation Playbook is your guide to mastering winning negotiation strategies for attorneys. Tap into the best practices of experts across law, entertainment, real estate, technology, politics, and more. Hosted by David Coher, a professional mediator, arbitrator, and sought-after speaker. Also, attorneys based in California may receive Mandatory Continuing Legal Education (MCLE) credit. Tune in and learn from some of the best!

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David COher

principled anchoring: justify your stance and triumph in negotiation

0.25 hours of

Participatory MCLE Credit


Andre Gharakhanian

What is Anchoring In A Negotiation? How Can YOU use it and protect against it yourself?

David Shraga

What IT Takes to be a Hollywood negotiator

0.75 hours of

Participatory MCLE Credit


Jordanna Thigpen

Strategies for Negotiating: Working with First-Time Plaintiff Clients

Becky Morrison

Negotiating for Joy: Negotiation Techniques That Work

Rita Richa & David Coher

Unveiling the Mediation Playbook: Get to Know David Coher and His Journey